• Willkommen zu meinem kleinen Fotoalbum und viel Spaß
    welcome to my little photo album - enjoy it

    Ich werde diese Seite regelmäßig aktualisieren, also kommen Sie mal wieder

    i will update this site from time to time, so join it again later


    Latest Updates:

    lots of new pictures in every section, especially from my trips to Oslo, Mecklenburg Vorpommern and the baltic sea. there are also many more drone panoramas online now. i have a new section with extreme software-modified pictures and also i have updated the design of the page a little bit.
    some new pictures in "urban", "landscape" and "impressions" - also a new panoramic drone picture and my first video from the DJI Mavic Pro
    my first video is online (have a look into the new video-section below)
    some new pictures in every section


    Nutzen Sie bitte das Kontaktformular oder Gästebuch für Fragen oder Anregungen
    please use the contact form or guestbook if you have questions or suggestions